2021 From Calvary to Easter, a Long, Uncertain Walk

From most mainline Christian Church pulpits, the message since March 2020 is that it has been an extended, prolonged Lent due to the pandemic. This Good Friday 2021, as we move towards the Feast of the Resurrection, I move more slowly, with less hope.

There is such a multitude gathered at Calvary:

• The migrants, not only at our US border, but in the Middle East and other parts of Africa and Asia              

• Those suffering and dying from COVID, many alone, and their families who grieve them

• The men and women on death row in 27 states that still use the death penalty

• The 365,348 missing and exploited children, and their families who search for them

• The 500,000+ homeless and hungry in the US alone

• The victims of scams, greed, and fake news

• The 5% of incarcerated due to wrongful convictions, the majority of whom are minority males

• The victims of mass shootings and their families

The list goes on…

Who do you see standing on Calvary?

Perhaps those that know the most darkness can or will see the most Light.

As we move towards Easter, think of how each of us, individually and collectively, can move the stone, even a little, from the tomb of death and darkness to the Light that permeates our being. Each small effort moves the stone of darkness towards Hope and Light.

As we celebrate Easter, may we be raised by the Spirt, dwelling in each of us, to the light of life, and radiate that to others in a million small and unpretentious ways. And may the stones that close off our own hearts be rolled away as well. May the Hope of the Easter Season remain in your hearts. 


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