Watching My Tree for the Green to Appear

For those you who have some background in Christianity, you may be aware that we are currently in the liturgical season of Lent. The word, Lent, means a “lengthening.” The days are lengthening naturally, and helped along partially by Daylight Savings Time (DST) which began somewhere around 1908-1914, earlier in Canada and then more publicly… Continue reading Watching My Tree for the Green to Appear

Lost and Not Found. Searching for Truth and Wholeness.

First let me apologize for skipping a month and a half from blogging. As a “feeler” I have to sit with my feelings for a bit and get a handle on them; a settling down, so to speak. There have been a lot of “feelings.” Mostly feelings of bewilderment, incomprehension, and astonishment. A struggle of… Continue reading Lost and Not Found. Searching for Truth and Wholeness.

Mother’s Day, 2021

From dandelion bouquets to gift certificates to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, Mother’s Day is a semi-national holiday embraced by schools, churches, Hallmark, florists, and restaurants. Ever try getting a reservation for brunch on Mother’s Day? We ditched that idea several years ago. Of course, for Moms every day is Mother’s Day. Every day… Continue reading Mother’s Day, 2021