Introducing The Annunciation Blog

By Bridget Brennan

Let me begin by introducing myself and providing a little background. I am a big picture person so I will be sharing and announcing the wonder and delight of relationships from a vast panorama.

I am a professional relationship guru who is pulled like a magnet to a diverse range of relationships. We will not be limiting our reflections to only one dimension of relationships.

Whether it is two preschoolers making mud-pies together or two senior citizens trying to read the small print on a recipe, we will explore and discover the energy and sacredness of individuals coming together.

Relationships are what make the world go ’round. My passion is healthy relationships. As a relationship educator I teach and coach individuals, couples and groups on what makes relationships healthy. We are all aware of unhealthy relationships: the bickering siblings; the sniping co-workers; the spouses arguing; the student bully. We tend to take the healthy relationships for granted. We hit cruise control and forget some of the dynamics of healthy relationships.  

I will be your “healthy relationship skills” reminder blogger.

In The Annunciation Blog we hope to share with you reflections, insights, stories, skills that will help to remind each of us of the sacredness, the wonder, the joy and the effort and attention healthy relationships require in order to discover and cherish the good news of healthy relationships.

We will also reflect on the vulnerability and woundedness that relationships can bring and suggestions on how to walk through that pain.

Welcome to The Annunciation Blog.

~ Bridget

P.S. I am a “feet on the ground” person. Practical is my middle name. As we explore, discover, celebrate healthy relationships, I will write from a practical perspective not a “pie in the sky,” “everything is wonderful” perspective. Also, as the blog unfolds there will be, from time-to-time, a guest blogger reflecting on a specific experience of relationship; loss of loved one; raising an adopted child as a single parent; the pain and stigma of divorce; the joy of grandparenting, the challenge of relocating to a new locale; siblings who don’t talk to each other, to name a few.

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    A few weeks ago, a colleague shared an article with me that I found quite helpful in understanding the malaise that I sense is in the air. Having read and reflected on the article several times I have opted to share some excerpts from it with my blog readers.  The title of the article is,… Read more

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    For Christians, the Easter season begins with Easter, unlike the commercial world where the Easter season ends on Easter. We are an Easter People and “Alleluia” is our song. What does it mean to be an Easter People in our world and to make “Alleluia” our song? As we begin this Easter season in a… Read more

  • Prayer/Poem by Lynn Ungar

    April 9, 2020 by

    Today I would like to share this moving prayer/poem by Lynn Ungar.Rev. Dr. Ungar is a Universalist Minister and poet. You may enjoy her website, Lynn Ungar Poetry & Other Writings.

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