Creating a Patchwork Quilt of Life

We are two months into President Biden’s administration. For me personally, I think the tenor of life in America has improved. A long way to go but moving forward.

That’s the good news.

The reality news is that we are still a very divided country and for many of us a very divided faith community. As a country, and especially as a national faith community, we cannot agree on Life issues. The divisions pain me and wear me out. I do not see any resolution.

I think all issues concerning Life are preeminent. I think the 13 people executed in federal facilities in December 2020 had lives that were preeminent. I think the families that were turned away at the Border last year had lives that were preeminent.                                                                                                         

We are all a patch of the Quilt of Life.

If ever we needed our US Bishops to step up to the plate for Life it is to the concern and devastation of hundreds of young lives being snuffed out right in our urban centers where most Metropolitan Archbishops reside and pontificate. How about leaving the miters and croziers at home and joining the protests against easy access to guns; about inhumane incarceration; about hunger; sexual assault against women and impoverished health care for our children, to highlight a few preeminent issues?                                                                                                                                                      

I am opposed to abortion as are my colleagues. All of us support, volunteer, promote centers that are serving mothers and their children, their unborn children, and their born children. We support and volunteer at Residences that welcome and celebrate adults whose lives are often overlooked because of their mental limitations. We welcome refugees and immigrants and assist them in getting the resources they need. We visit and attend to the elderly who are so often left out, especially during this pandemic year.                                                                                                  

We are Lifers, one and all. But when only one slice of LIFE is valued above all other slices of Life, we are prevented from walking boldly together to validate and celebrate LIFE across the entire spectrum of Life. From caring for the unborn to caring for those who are dying, all Life is preeminent. Discern for yourself where best you can share your talent and resources to promoting Life. And recognize, please, that a multitude of other people are promoting the sanctity of Life where best they can serve. We are all a patch of the Quilt of Life. Let’s not rip each other apart.

“…Choose life then, that you and your [and all] children may live.

(Deut. 30:19)

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