Clearing Mind and House During the Pandemic

“The greatest need of our time is to clean out the enormous mass of mental and emotional rubbish that clutters our mind.”   Thomas Merton As the worry and fear of the coronavirus continues lapping towards our doors and lintels, the above quote from Thomas Merton, well-known author and contemplative monk who lived at Gethsemane Monastery… Continue reading Clearing Mind and House During the Pandemic

Siblings: A Guest Entry

We continue our blog series on siblings.This one is by my colleague, Mary D.  Sometimes when both parents have died, and adult siblings are scattered around the country, family relationships can wane. My colleague, Mary D. often talks warmly and fondly of her relationships with her siblings who live in differing states. Here is Mary’… Continue reading Siblings: A Guest Entry

Family Relationships: Birth Order

“Mom, where’s my photo album?” Kevin Leman, author of The Birth Order Book, written originally in the 1980s and revised in the 1990s, maintains that our birth order has significant influence in shaping our personality. There is much observable truth in Leman’s claims. However, there are always, always exceptions. In my own family of origin, the first-born was not… Continue reading Family Relationships: Birth Order

Learning to Love: The Five Love Languages

We all know that being loved is a very basic human need.We also know that there are many diverse ways that people choose to offer that love.In the family setting there are multiple theories of how to love children; from the adage of “spare the rod and spoil the child” to “anything goes.” There is… Continue reading Learning to Love: The Five Love Languages

Kindness Changes Everything (edited by Judith Newman, NYT Book Review, 1/19/2020)

Let us continue on the path of Kindness In a blog a few weeks ago I shared how I was wary as we began this New Year, 2020. I was happily surprised this past Sunday (1/19/20) when I was reading the Book Review section of the NY Times and found an entire page dedicated to… Continue reading Kindness Changes Everything (edited by Judith Newman, NYT Book Review, 1/19/2020)

Year 2020: Proceed with Caution

I like beginnings and ends and ends and beginnings. Ordinarily I begin the New Year with Hope. This New Year is different. I am ambivalent about Hope. I am wary. I have concerns about our national leadership.    I am apprehensive about how technology—wonder that it is—and social media will impact the 2020 national elections. When… Continue reading Year 2020: Proceed with Caution

Unwrapping the Mystery of Christmas

As you are reading this blog entry, the Christmas wrapping is most likely still scattered on the floor, or for you “tidy-up” types the wrapping paper has been recycled and gifts appropriately put away. Meanwhile, retailers are stocking their shelves with Valentine merchandise. So, we distinguish between the “business” of Christmas and the Mystery of… Continue reading Unwrapping the Mystery of Christmas