End of Summer Meanderings

A Smorgasbord of Life’s Little Moments as Savored, Summer 2022

Being of a certain age, I still think of summer ending Labor Day weekend. Below are some of the moments that spoke to me throughout the summer.

A Day Filled with Sunshine

One morning on my walk in the nearby park, I stepped aside as a group of children were running in some kind of physical education class. One of the runners happened to be a young Down Syndrome child. Passing me as she ran, she slowed down, smiled, and greeted me with, “Have a good day.” 

A Smile

“Phones down; Forks up.”
On the wall at a Bob Evans restaurant in Ohio

A Quote from a Summer Read

“The three most powerful tools for a happy life are gratitude, forgiveness, and love. If you can appreciate the small things, forgive those who wrong you and fill your heart with love, you will always be content.” 
The Secret of the Irish Castle p. 416. Author Santa Montefiore.

Messages from the World of COVID

“The World is Understaffed. Please be Patient and Kind to Our Staff.”
(Local restaurant)

“Teammates in Training. Patience and Understanding Requested.”
(Local grocery store)

Something New I Learned this Summer: Geocaching

“Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called ‘geocaches’ or ‘caches’, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.”

Our grandson is enjoying Geocaching. Basically, it is a national scavenger hunt. Some designated people in areas across the US hide small vials, boxes, other small containers in various locales; parks, college campuses, in trees, under pedestrian bridges, in bushes in front of offices, the list goes on. If you are registered to “hunt” you will be given areas where you will find one of the items with a few hints. When you find the item, you then write your name down on the paper you find, put the item back in its hiding place and send a message that you found the hidden item. You gain points. It’s fun for all ages. Our grandson has found items in his hometown, Minneapolis, and while visiting in Lexington, KY, Essex, MA, and Chicago. His Dad or Mom drives him to the designated locale, and he goes exploring. Sometimes his sister comes along.

From Mecca, by Susan Straight

“This book is dedicated in memory of my brother. When he encountered someone with hatred or violence, he used to say, “I don’t do that radio station, man.” His inner radio was all about oranges, dogs, and trucks.”

As we move into the season of fall, may we all keep our inner radio stations tuned to kindness, patience, and understanding. 


4 thoughts on “End of Summer Meanderings”

  1. “Phones down, forks up.” This is my new mantra!
    Whole blog made me smile many times. Love those grandchildren outside with nature and on adventure.
    Thanks Bridget,


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