Mother’s Day: Gifts Our Mothers Gave to Us

I would like to begin this entry with the following quote:

In appreciation of all the women who shower the world with their love.

Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, a day to reflect on and recall the role our Mothers and other women role models played in our lives.

Most of us probably had a Mother, a Grandmother or a Step-mom who was there with us and for us.

As an adult I often look back and think of the gifts that my Mother gave me. There are four that stand out:

1 Common Sense

My Mother had only an 8th grade education. She entered the adult world as a young 17-year-old bride, and figured life out as it unfolded. Her own Mother, my maternal Grandmother, had died in giving my Mother life. My Mother was raised by her Grandmother whom she loved dearly. It was from her Grandmother that she received a large dose of common sense which she passed on to me.

2 Be Who You Are

My Mother, whatever her circumstances, never pretended to be more than she was. She and my Dad were quite poor starting out and raising several children, but she hung in there and her common sense and practical “know how” kept us all afloat. As life unfolded and life circumstances improved, she was always just herself. There was no pretense. She was not jealous of other people who had more than we. She taught us to be grateful for what we had, and not to waste anything. I am convinced if she had one pea left, she would warm it up! My Mom was a great warmer-upper in a pre-microwave world.

3 A Generous Heart

As life improved for my parents both were very generous, sharing what they could with those who were in need. They remembered all those who had helped them and taught us to share what we had been given and always be grateful. My Mom’s generation grew up with “recycling.” She was a child during WWI and a mom with five children during WWII. She experienced rationing and recycling. Into her 80s she would still stomp on the empty steel vegetable tins and crush them to recycle because that’s what they did during WWII.

4 A Very Deep Faith

Despite all the loss she experienced in her life; not knowing her own Mother, burying four of her six children – one child and three adult children, she clung to her faith. I do not know anyone who said more rosaries per day than my Mom. It was her lifeline.

My Mom
Classy — Down to Earth — Faith-filled

For Your Reflection

In reflecting on your Mother or someone who served as a mother figure for you:

What gifts did you receive from her?

What three words would you use to describe your Mother?

Today let us remember not only our own Mothers but all the women who touched our lives in some way.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Gifts Our Mothers Gave to Us”

  1. Thank you Aunt Bridge, Such A Beautiful Memory of your Mom, Our Grandma, Mime,Gram! We are All So Blessed! Happy Mother’s Day with So Much Love!


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