We Are an Easter People

For Christians, the Easter season begins with Easter, unlike the commercial world where the Easter season ends on Easter.

We are an Easter People and “Alleluia” is our song.

What does it mean to be an Easter People in our world and to make “Alleluia” our song?

As we begin this Easter season in a darker and less celebratory mood, Easter still comes.

Easter is about Transformation and during this pandemic Easter season there are many sightings of transformation.

Two women, not racing to the tomb, but holding the arms of a third woman learning to walk again; taking her out for a trial run in the beautifully decorated spring park.

A paramedic working 12-hour shifts and yet taking time to post “A Hero Lives Here” signs in front of the homes of her ER co-workers.

Three- and four-year-old toddlers in their backyard hiding Easter eggs and finding them… hiding the eggs and finding them; never tiring of the pursuit.

Neighbors shopping for neighbors who can’t risk going out to the store during this time.

Teachers using every ounce of creativity to reach and teach their young students via Zoom; figuring it out as they go along.

Strangers waving to each other.

An Easter parade: Dad driving his kids around the neighborhood in his truck; neighbors out waving balloons to them.

Friends and family in a 30-car procession passing the home of a close friend, expressing their sorrow for his widow; honoring the remembrance of a friend buried without wake or funeral.

A man who has survived the coronavirus and is now immune to the infection donates plasma to other coronavirus patients in the hope of their recovering as he did.

All around us we are transformed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of others.

Roll away the stone of fear and anxiety and embrace the kindness and hope that this season provides us. Practice the creativity of Love. Alleluia!

~ Bridget

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