Claiming and Bonding: The Story of Mama Bear, Grandma Bear, and Pastor Bear

Wow, Thanks, Help

Some years ago, author Anne Lamott wrote a book titled, Help, Thanks, Wow. Anne is a contemporary author. Help, Thanks, Wow is probably her eighth or ninth book. Anne could probably be described as a quirky writer who after facing and dealing with her alcoholism, drug addiction, and poor choice of romantic partners, gradually surfaces from those years… Continue reading Wow, Thanks, Help

Watching My Tree for the Green to Appear

For those you who have some background in Christianity, you may be aware that we are currently in the liturgical season of Lent. The word, Lent, means a “lengthening.” The days are lengthening naturally, and helped along partially by Daylight Savings Time (DST) which began somewhere around 1908-1914, earlier in Canada and then more publicly… Continue reading Watching My Tree for the Green to Appear