Mother’s Day, 2021

From dandelion bouquets to gift certificates to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, Mother’s Day is a semi-national holiday embraced by schools, churches, Hallmark, florists, and restaurants. Ever try getting a reservation for brunch on Mother’s Day? We ditched that idea several years ago.

Of course, for Moms every day is Mother’s Day. Every day we remember our Children and Grandchildren, living and deceased.

What I love about the world of “MOM” is that it comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, languages, circumstances, and styles. I have always been a little envious of the “classy” Moms. I knew early on that was not my gift.        

What we hold in common is what we hold in our hearts – our Children and Grandchildren.     

Kunjunjamma Jacob

Recently I attended a memorial service for a Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother who died in India, and because of COVID travel restrictions her daughter and granddaughter in the US were unable to be with her in her last illness and death. Very painful for them.

But as I viewed the beautiful photo of Kunjunjamma Jacob, 88 years young, in her traditional sari dress, and then saw her daughter and granddaughter in similar garb, it was an “outward sign,” a reminder of the beauty, diversity, and steadfast love Mothers near or far hold for their Children; and they for their Mothers.

In my own life I think I would like to fast-forward some of teenage angst moments when whatever “tragedy” I was facing at the moment was somehow my Mom’s fault. Fortunately, I was #5 so she had already been through this with my sisters and held steady.

This year particularly, we are aware of the many Mothers and Grandmothers who have died without the gift of their Children and Grandchildren being with them due to COVID restrictions. May those families find comfort in knowing their Mom, Grandmother is at peace.

May we also celebrate and honor all those women who shower the world with their love.

I would like to close with the following quote by Jody Landers:

“A child born to another woman calls me Mom. The depth of the tragedy and the magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me.”

Thank you, adoptive Moms, foster Moms and especially Moms who made the most difficult decision of their life, choosing to give their child to another.   

Happy Mother’s Day.


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, 2021”

  1. Thank you Bridget for this beautiful reflection. I pray that all mothers are given the opportunity and support to choose life for their children.


  2. This is a beautiful blog about mothers. Even those of us who have not biologically mothered a child we have been a mother to another in someway. I like Birthright’s motto: Every woman has the right to give birth and every child has the right to be born. Mary Lou


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